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Mitsubishi Wreckers Auckland: Turning Old Cars into Cash

Mitsubishi Wreckers in Auckland offers a valuable service to car owners looking to dispose of their old or damaged vehicles in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner. Whether you have a Mitsubishi that is no longer roadworthy or want to get rid of it for extra cash, Mitsubishi Wreckers can be your go-to solution. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Mitsubishi wreckers in Auckland, including who they are, their benefits, how to find reliable ones, their services, and a step-by-step guide to selling your Mitsubishi to them.

Benefits of Using Mitsubishi Wreckers

Cost-Effective Solution

One of the primary benefits of using Mitsubishi wreckers is that they provide a cost-effective solution for disposing of your old car. Instead of paying for costly repairs or letting your vehicle depreciate further in value, you can sell it to wreckers who will offer you a fair price based on its condition.

Environmental Benefits

You’re also doing your part for the environment by selling your old Mitsubishi to wreckers. Wreckers carefully dismantle vehicles, salvage usable parts, and recycle materials such as metal and plastic. This helps reduce the demand for new raw materials and minimizes the environmental impact of manufacturing new cars.

Convenient Disposal

Dealing with the disposal of an old car can be a hassle, especially if it’s no longer running or roadworthy. Mitsubishi wreckers make the process easy by handling all vehicle removal and disposal aspects. Contact them, and they’ll cover the rest, including towing your car for free.

How Mitsubishi Wreckers Operate

Assessment and Valuation

When you contact Mitsubishi Wreckers to sell your car, they’ll first assess its condition and determine its value. Factors such as the vehicle’s age, mileage, and overall condition will be considered when providing you with a quote.

Dismantling and Salvaging

Once a price has been agreed upon, the wreckers will dismantle your Mitsubishi, carefully removing any salvageable parts. These parts will then be cleaned, tested, and refurbished before sold to customers looking for affordable replacement parts.

Recycling and Disposal

After all usable parts have been removed, the remaining shell of the car will be crushed and recycled. This process ensures that as much of the vehicle as possible is diverted from landfills, reducing its environmental impact.

Finding Reliable Mitsubishi Wreckers in Auckland

When choosing Mitsubishi Wreckers to sell your car, it’s essential to research and find a reputable company that offers fair prices and reliable service.

Reputation and Experience

Look for Mitsubishi wreckers with a solid reputation and years of experience in the industry. A company operating for a long time will likely have established processes for efficient and ethical vehicle disposal.

Range of Services Offered

Choose a wrecker that offers a comprehensive range of services, including free vehicle removal, prompt payment, and assistance with paperwork. This will make the selling process smoother and more convenient for you.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Before making a decision, take the time to read reviews and testimonials from past customers. This will give you an idea of the level of service you can expect and help you avoid scams or unscrupulous operators.

Tips for Selling Your Mitsubishi to Wreckers

Gather Necessary Documentation

Before selling your Mitsubishi to wreckers, ensure you have all the necessary documentation. This may include the vehicle’s registration papers, proof of ownership, and service history or maintenance records.

Prepare Your Vehicle

While wreckers will buy cars in any condition, you can maximize the value of your Mitsubishi by preparing it for sale. Remove personal belongings, clean the interior, and make minor repairs or touch-ups to improve appearance.

Negotiation Tips

Feel free to negotiate with Mitsubishi Wreckers to get the best price for your car. Shop around and compare quotes from different companies, and don’t settle for the first offer you receive.


Is it better to sell my Mitsubishi to wreckers or trade it at a dealership?

While trading in your Mitsubishi at a dealership may offer convenience, selling it to wreckers can often yield a higher value, especially for older or damaged vehicles.

Can I buy parts for my Mitsubishi from wreckers?

Yes, at competitive prices, Mitsubishi wreckers typically offer a wide range of parts for sale, including engines, transmissions, and body panels.

Do Mitsubishi wreckers offer warranties on parts?

Some Mitsubishi wreckers may offer limited warranties on parts to assure customers. It’s best to inquire about warranty options before making a purchase.

Are there any restrictions on the types of Mitsubishi vehicles wreckers accept?

Mitsubishi wreckers generally accept all models and conditions of Mitsubishi vehicles, including cars, SUVs, and trucks, regardless of age or condition.

How long does the process of selling my Mitsubishi to wreckers take?

Selling your Mitsubishi to wreckers can typically be completed within a few days, from getting a quote to arranging pickup or drop-off and receiving payment.


Mitsubishi wreckers in Auckland provide a valuable service for disposing of old, damaged, or unwanted Mitsubishi vehicles in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner. By selling your Mitsubishi to wreckers, you receive a fair price for your car and contribute to environmental sustainability efforts through recycling and reuse.